"I warm it before massaging it in to my sore muscles....LOVE it!"  Jane, Boston

"It's so great for my fibromyalsia, I hate taking narcotics, this is a nice alternative."  -Carolynn, Portland


"I spray on my temples and crown, really helps my concentration"  -Austin, DC


"Really impressed!  I spray my neck and wrists every few hours.  Helps me so much, thanks"  -Dan, KC


"I don't know how but this really helps my motion sickness, thanks for making a product that doesn't put me to sleep like OTC meds do"  -Mike, Pittsburgh


For women only

Oil vs Spray?

Customers ask us all the time which one - oil or spray?  Well it really depends on you and well if it comes in a spray.  But honestly, Paineze and AH! only come in oil because that is the best delivery system for their uses.  Portia loves the Focus in Spray form & Awake in Oil after her shower in the morning.

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