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medicinal plants or herbs in glass jars like an apothecary which is an old term for pharmacy

Hello and Welcome to Portia's RELIEF!

We could say it all started one day.  But it has been years in the making with centuries and many cultures paving the way.What started at a family gathering and grew to actual market size, was our sister having Breast Cancer and the damage the chemotherapy did to her.  She is the reason we make these products and yes, she is cancer free.The chemotherapy chemicals damaged our sister mentally and physically, with lasting side effects to this day.So, We proudly offer you our ever-growing selection of products designed to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals without chemicals, just nature.  Yes ALL from NATURE.  We strive to make sure happiness and relief are right at your fingertips… and we mean IT! To put it simply, Portia's RELIEF! is
the shop for health-conscious consumers wanting RELIEF! without chemicals!Wishing you the very best in health & happiness, from our family to yours,
The Wood Family

*We are proud to serve you with the utmost in excellence, one customer at a time.  Furthermore, we feature the most natural therapeutic products you’re looking for and you simply won’t find anywhere else because we have the exclusive therapeutic formulas, research, studies and only tested on humans.

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